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Tuck Jumps

Type: Legs
The tuck jump is a great plyometric exercise for building base power and strength in the legs. It will help you tremendously in sports such as basketball, football, soccer and tennis to give you that explosive power when you need it most. This is a very anaerobic exercise and requires a certain amount of base fitness.
Level :  Equipment : No

Tuck Jumps Steps:

Step 1:
Stand upright with knees and feet hip width apart.

Step 2:
Drop down into a half squat by bending at the knees and hips.

Step 3:
From that position power up as fast as you can at the same time swinging your arms through and up in front of you.

Step 4:
As you jump up bring the knees up towards the chest as high as you can.

Step 5:
Land back on both feet and as soon as you touch down repeat again.

Top Tip:

To make it slightly easier, pause on landing between each jump until you can manage to continue the full amount of repetitions without stopping.
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