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Upright Row, Barbell

Type: Shoulder
The upright row exercise works the upper, mid and rear shoulder muscles most intensely. It also works the front shoulders, biceps, forearms and back to lesser intensity. It's a great upper body exercise and will really help to broaden out the base of the neck and the shoulder line.
Level :  Equipment : Yes
Upper Shoulders
Front Shoulders
Mid Back
Mid Shoulders
Upper Back

Upright Row, Barbell Steps:

Step 1:
Grip the bar with an overhand grasp.

Step 2:
Hands should be approximately 30cm apart.

Step 3:
With the bar resting on the thighs at the start position, gradually pull the bar upwards along the abdomen towards the chin.

Step 4:
At the top the elbows should be higher than the wrists, above the shoulders and pointing out to the sides.

Step 5:
Slowly lower the bar back to the start position.

Top Tip:

  • To gauge the correct distance between your hands, extend your thumbs along the bar. so that they are just touching.
  • A wider grip emphasizes more on the deltoids, a narrower grip more on the trapezius
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