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Quad Stretch

Type: Stretching
The quad stretch targets the quadriceps muscle group located in the front thighs. The quads are used to extend the knee and flex the hips and are targeted in exercises such as front squats and lunges. Perform this stretch after your leg workout to relieve tight muscles and help maintain flexibility. Below you'll find a video guide and step by step instructions that describes the correct technique for the quad stretch.
Level :  Equipment : No
Leg Stretching

Quad Stretch Steps:

Step 1:
Stand upright with knees and feet together.

Step 2:
Bend one knee whilst keeping both knees together.

Step 3:
Take hold of the foot with the hand of the same side.

Step 4:
Maintain your balance and push the hips forwards.

Step 5:
Draw the lower leg in towards the buttocks to feel the stretch in the front thigh.

Step 6:
Hold the stretch for 15 to 30 secs.

Step 7:
Repeat for the opposite leg.

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