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Walking Lunges, Dynamic Stretch

Type: Stretching
The walking lunge stretch is an effective exercise for dynamically cooling down, and is performed by performing a lunge with each step, stretching between reps. Below you'll find a video guide and step by step instructions that describes the correct technique for the walking lunge dynamic stretch exercise.
Level :  Equipment : No
Leg Stretching
Lower Abs

Walking Lunges, Dynamic Stretch Steps:

Step 1:
Stand with feet at shoulder width

Step 2:
Take a large lunging step forwards

Step 3:
Place the hands on the leading thigh for support

Step 4:
Drop into a deep lunge so the trailing knee just contacts the floor

Step 5:
Push forwards through the hips to increase the stretch in the hip flexors

Step 6:
Keep the chest lifted, back straight and head looking forwards

Step 7:
Repeat for the opposite leg

Step 8:
This is one repetition

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