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Locust Pose

Type: Yoga
Sanskrit: Salabhasana
Level :  Equipment : No
Lower Back
Rear Shoulders

Locust Pose Steps:

Step 1:
Start lying face down on the mat with legs fully extended, feet together and toes pressed down to the ground, arms fully extended at the sides (palms facing up).

Step 2:
Interlace the fingers behind the back (palms together) as the head remains in line with the spine.

Step 3:
Inhale to prepare.

Step 4:
Exhale as you simultaneously reach the arms back and away from the glutes as the head and shoulders raise off the ground and the heels raise up towards the ceiling (legs remain together and fully extended).

Step 5:
Hold the posture for 3 to 5 breaths and then return to starting position.

Top Tip:

- Strengthens the muscles of the spine, buttocks, and backs of the arms and legs
- Stretches the shoulders, chest, abdomen and thighs
- Improves posture
- Stimulates abdominal organs
- Helps relieve stress
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