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Warrior I Pose

Type: Yoga
Sanskrit: Virabhadrasana I
Level :  Equipment : No

Warrior I Pose Steps:

Step 1:
Start in Mountain pose (Tadasana).

Step 2:
Exhale as you step your left foot back three to four feet. Align your left heel behind your right heel and then turn you left foot out 45 degrees keeping your right foot pointing forward.

Step 3:
Rotate your hips so both of your hip points are facing forward and parallel to the front of your mat.

Step 4:
Inhale to raise your arms straight up to the ceiling keeping your arms open, shoulder width apart and parallel to each other.

Step 5:
Exhale to contract your abdominal muscles and tilt your pelvis under the tailbone. Slowly bend your right knee so it aligns directly over your heel.

Step 6:
Hold the posture for 5 to 10 breaths and then return to starting position.

Step 7:
Repeat the exercise with the left foot forward and the right foot back.

Top Tip:

- Stretches the chest and lungs, shoulders and neck, abdomen and groin
- Strengthens the shoulders, arms and back
- Strengthens and stretches the thighs, calves and ankles
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