A message from Foundation for Fat Loss creator, Andrea Oh, BPE, FMS, TRX

About the Program

The majority of people wanting to improve how they look and feel are looking to lose a little (or a lot) of weight. There are two ways to accomplish this:

1. Consume less calories than your body needs so that stored fat is used for energy.

2. Build lean muscle, which increases your metabolism (burning more calories all day).

In this specific program, the focus is on building lean muscle to increase your metabolism and transform your body into a fat-burning machine. You also get dietary recommendations to reduce your calorie intake in a healthy way each day.

Muscle Mass and Fat Loss

Whether you are a man or a woman … having proportionately more muscle (compared to fat) is good thing.

Muscle is what makes our body physically stronger and increases our metabolism (burning more calories all day long), which positively effects our overall self esteem. We look better, feel better and ultimately feel more desirable!

Regardless of whether you are looking to get stronger, lose weight, or both, building muscle is difficult (and your body will typically fight it every step of the way). That is … unless you FORCE your body’s existing muscle to adapt and change. The best way to do that is with the guidance of a trained fitness professional who has experience successfully helping others add muscle.

So why will my Foundation for Fat Loss program work for you? Well ... it won't - at least not by itself. However, it's certainly is a great place to start!

Program Format

As the founder of TodaysFitnessTrainer.com, a WorkoutBOX alliance partner, I know for a FACT that seeing results quickly using any online workout program is critical to achieving long term success. If you can see the impact of your efforts within the first few weeks, you're 100% more likely to continue - and consistency is the key to real results.

This introductory program is designed to teach you how to use WorkoutBOX while you make consistent progress towards your goal of having a body that looks and feels better.

Each full body workout requires the equipment found in a standard fitness club or gym, combining upper and lower body exercises, for a total of 50 to 60 minutes.

You'll be training 4 times per week, each workout at an intensity that will produce results over time.

If you want a leaner, stronger, more defined and more energetic body, this program is for you!

And as with any of my programs, I'm here to answer ANY questions you have along the way. Click the button below and get started!

One easy payment of $19.95
lbs, % body fat
lbs, % body fat
Program Summary:
Getting Started with WorkoutBOX
Taking Your Workout to the Next Level
Time Commitment:
Fat Loss
2-3 weeks
Days per week:
3 days
Average session:
50-60 min.
Workout location:
Full gym
Trainer Bio:
Andrea Oh, BPE, FMS, TRX
Founder of TodaysFitnessTrainer.com, Fitness Expert and Published Author

I’ve had a passion for fitness and exercise the last two decades of my life, starting in high school when I began taking sports and athletics seriously. I knew that the right strength and conditioning program could help me get ahead as an athlete … and it did!

After high school I attended the University of Alberta where I played varsity volleyball and studied exercise physiology and biomechanics (I was a literal fitness “nerd”).

After a devastating injury ended my professional career, I shifted my focus to researching movement and the human body and into training others to excel by fractions of an inch and fractions of a second. During this time I acquired certifications from the NSCA, NASM, ACE, IDEA, STOTT Pilates, CorePower Yoga, CanFitPro and many others … combining the learnings from each to create my own unique training style.

I've started many fitness companies over the last ten years, consulting many of the world’s largest fitness companies and partnering with education providers before starting the fitness authority website, TodaysFitnessTrainer.com.

Currently, my goal is to partner with innovative fitness companies (like WorkoutBOX) and delivering high quality programs and services to the masses in a way that makes exercise feasible and easy to fit into a busy schedule.

One easy payment of $19.95
What do I get with Foundation for Fat Loss?
Foundation for Fat Loss comes complete with everything WorkoutBOX has to offer - ensuring you get maximum results, fast.

You get access to all of these amazing features:
A step by step plan to transform your body

Foundation for Fat Loss guides you through exactly what do do during each workout, including:
  • What exercises to do and in what order
  • How many sets and reps to do
  • How to correctly perform each exercise
  • How hard to push yourself
  • When and how long to rest
Access everything on the web or your mobile device!

Simply do everything listed and you’ll see results!
Program View
Program View
Program View
A personalized Fat Loss Performance diet

A good workout program won’t work without proper nutrition. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Foundation for Fat Loss comes with access to our DietBOX™ Nutrition System, which creates a personalized diet for you, complete with:
  • What and how much to eat each day
  • The foods to eat for each meal
  • When each meal should be eaten
DietBOX™ helps improve your body each and every day by giving you the perfect nutrition plan for your goals.
Earn rewards for reaching goals

As you make more progress, we give you more free stuff.

Track your weight, body fat percentage, strength and consistency in real time, and get rewarded with cool stuff like tee shirts, nutritional supplements, and deals from your favorite brands.

Pretty cool, huh?
Everything you need to train like a pro

Got questions about your program? Your trainer is only a click away.

Log your progress, ask questions, and get real, 1-on-1 advice and instruction from the very trainer that created Foundation for Fat Loss.

This isn’t just a cookie-cutter program. Your trainer’s top priority is getting you the results you want!
One easy payment of $19.95
Frequently Asked Questions

What is WorkoutBOX?

WorkoutBOX is a global platform that connects trainers with potential clients, Foundation for Fat Loss has been hosted on here to take advantage of its state of the art fitness software and features, like is personalised nutrition tracking.

If I don't like the program can I get a refund?

If you find Foundation for Fat Loss is not working for us simply let us know within 7 days and you'll get a full, 100% refund - no questions asked.

How do I access my workouts?

Once purchased, Foundation for Fat Loss will instantly be available online at WorkoutBOX.

  • Access it online from any computer or smart phone
  • Print it out and take it to the gym
  • Never have to download or install anything

Is the workout personalised to me?

Yes, during each workout you will have instant communication with your Trainer on a daily basis, he will work with you to customize your exercise plan and change your diet based on your physical needs.

Does it include diet tips as well?

Foundation for Fat Loss comes complete with access to our DietBOX Nutrition SystemTM. DietBOX is a brand new cutting-edge nutrition tracking software designed to work alongside Foundation for Fat Loss to replicate the services of some the most advanced nutritionists out there. Simply plug in your information and BOOM! It give's you a personalized daily meal plan based on the latest Fat Loss science

Week -
Week   of  includes  unique workouts, and a total of   different exercises, and comes complete with video and written tutorials and 1-on-1 trainer feedback and support!
One easy payment of $19.95 

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