A message from HIIT Essentials creator, Andrea Oh, BPE, FMS, TRX
High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a form of exercise in which you alternate between very intense bouts of anaerobic exercise (without oxygen) and short recovery periods for a shorter, more efficient workout. Although HIIT is viewed by many to be a cardiovascular workout option, it can be used for weight training as well!

HIIT Essentials - Level One is an introductory series of three HIIT workouts that can be done at home or at your local fitness club. This program includes one cardio and core workout, one weight training workout and a total body workout that includes a cardio, core and weight component.

The three HIIT workouts in this program can be used over the span of one full week (for a total body challenge) or you can use the individual workouts to complement your current exercise and training program.
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lbs, % body fat
lbs, % body fat
Program Summary:
Introduction to High Intensity Interval Training
Time Commitment:
Athletic Performance
1 week
Days per week:
3 days
Average session:
< 30 min.
Workout location:
Common home-based equipment
Trainer Bio:
Andrea Oh, BPE, FMS, TRX
Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Fitness Author & Presenter
With a degree in exercise physiology and biomechanics (yes ... just call me a "fitness nerd"), I've had the opportunity to work as a certified personal trainer, athletic trainer, strength and conditioning coach, and education developer for several fitness equipment companies around the world. I have worked with clients ranging from the fitness "newbie" to the professional athlete (including pre- and post-natal, cardiac rehabilitation, and a wide range of youth/teens).

I have been an advocate of high-intensity interval training for several years. As a former athlete and a strength and conditioning coach to athletes and weekend warriors of all levels I have witnessed how H.I.I.T. training (when done properly) can get results ... FAST!

My goal is to help people get healthy and to provide them with the tools to lead the best quality of life possible. WorkoutBOX gives me the opportunity to provide people with quality programs, education, and useful tools to teh get results they are looking to achieve!
One easy payment of $9.95
What do I get with HIIT Essentials?
HIIT Essentials comes complete with everything WorkoutBOX has to offer - ensuring you get maximum results, fast.

You get access to all of these amazing features:
A step by step plan to transform your body

HIIT Essentials guides you through exactly what do do during each workout, including:
  • What exercises to do and in what order
  • How many sets and reps to do
  • How to correctly perform each exercise
  • How hard to push yourself
  • When and how long to rest
Access everything on the web or your mobile device!

Simply do everything listed and you’ll see results!
Program View
Program View
Program View
A personalized Fat Loss Performance diet

A good workout program won’t work without proper nutrition. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

HIIT Essentials comes with access to our DietBOX™ Nutrition System, which creates a personalized diet for you, complete with:
  • What and how much to eat each day
  • The foods to eat for each meal
  • When each meal should be eaten
DietBOX™ helps improve your body each and every day by giving you the perfect nutrition plan for your goals.
Earn rewards for reaching goals

As you make more progress, we give you more free stuff.

Track your weight, body fat percentage, strength and consistency in real time, and get rewarded with cool stuff like tee shirts, nutritional supplements, and deals from your favorite brands.

Pretty cool, huh?
Everything you need to train like a pro

Got questions about your program? Your trainer is only a click away.

Log your progress, ask questions, and get real, 1-on-1 advice and instruction from the very trainer that created HIIT Essentials.

This isn’t just a cookie-cutter program. Your trainer’s top priority is getting you the results you want!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WorkoutBOX?

WorkoutBOX is a global platform that connects trainers with potential clients, H.I.I.T. Essentials has been hosted on here to take advantage of its state of the art fitness software and features, like is personalised nutrition tracking.

If I don't like the program can I get a refund?

If you find H.I.I.T. Essentials is not working for us simply let us know within 7 days and you'll get a full, 100% refund - no questions asked.

How do I access my workouts?

Once purchased, H.I.I.T. Essentials will instantly be available online at WorkoutBOX.

  • Access it online from any computer or smart phone
  • Print it out and take it to the gym
  • Never have to download or install anything

Is the workout personalised to me?

Yes, during each workout you will have instant communication with your Trainer on a daily basis, he will work with you to customize your exercise plan and change your diet based on your physical needs.

Does it include diet tips as well?

H.I.I.T. Essentials comes complete with access to our DietBOX Nutrition SystemTM. DietBOX is a brand new cutting-edge nutrition tracking software designed to work alongside H.I.I.T. Essentials to replicate the services of some the most advanced nutritionists out there. Simply plug in your information and BOOM! It give's you a personalized daily meal plan based on the latest Athletic Performance science

Week -
Week   of  includes  unique workouts, and a total of   different exercises, and comes complete with video and written tutorials and 1-on-1 trainer feedback and support!
One easy payment of $9.95 

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