A message from The Ultimate Bench Press Plan creator, Jared Enderton, BA, USAW, CF-L1, ACE, ACE-Fitness Nutrition
Everyone is always looking for tips to improve their bench press.

I can't count how many times I have heard this this, “How much do you bench?”

Then it's your turn to lay out your credentials to this person (that being in the form of your max bench press). Based on what you say, they'll either take you seriously...or they won't.

This is the language of gym rats all over America and all over the world. Everyone knows that lingo - whether you’ve been in a gym for a week or for 30 years.

With my Ultimate Bench Press program, you WILL be taken seriously.

How do I know this? I'm living proof.

I was an All-American high school athlete, a nationally-ranked strongman competitor, and am currently training for the 2016 Olympics in weightlifting.

I've also got a long list of certifications and credentials and do seminars all over the US (if you're skeptical, feel free to Google me to see for yourself).

In short, I know how to make you stronger. Period.

Now I obviously didn't achieve world-class numbers by just doing this program once.

However, let me give you a layout of my gains I have made with this program:

My Max Bench Press after each 8-week cycle through the Ultimate Bench Press program:

Cycle 1: 260 lbs
Cycle 2: 300 lbs
Cycle 3: 340 lbs
Cycle 4: 405 lbs
Cycle 5: 460 lbs
Cycle 6: 515 lbs
Cycle 7: 550 lbs

Do I have your attention yet?

Now this program isn't for everybody - but if you're looking to build you chest, get stronger and hit obscene numbers, the Ultimate Bench Press program is for you.

And as with any of my programs, I'm here to answer ANY questions you have along the way. Click the button below and get started!
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303 lbs, 35 % body fat
187 lbs, 9 % body fat
Program Summary:
The start of something awesome!
Building on last week!
Dropping down to 10 reps!
2nd Week of 10 reps
First week of 8 reps!
2nd week of 8 reps
First week of 6 reps
The final countdown!
Time Commitment:
Muscle Growth
2-3 months
Days per week:
4 days
Average session:
50-60 min.
Workout location:
Full gym
Trainer Bio:
Jared Enderton, BA, USAW, CF-L1, ACE, ACE-Fitness Nutrition
Professional Athlete, Trainer, Writer

Jared Enderton, a native of Graettinger, Iowa is a nationally ranked weightlifter in the United States and an Olympic hopeful for the 2016 games. Jared has been involved in athletics all his life. As a high school wrestler in Iowa he won a state title and also earned All-American honors as well as Academic All-American honors. Upon graduation Jared completed his B.A. in Exercise Science at the University of Northern Iowa.

Jared’s certifications include: B.A. in Exercise Science, American Council on Exercise (ACE), Crossfit Level 1 (CF-L1), ACE-Fitness Nutrition, and USA Weightlifting Sports Performance (USAW-L1). Jared has over 100 published articles relating to fitness and nutrition online to date. Jared also travels all across the country teaching weightlifting seminars (Enderton Strength Seminars).

In February of 2013 Jared moved to train at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. Be sure to Subscribe to Jared on YouTube for his latest training videos, follow him on Twitter, and “like” Enderton Strength on Facebook ! For more information on Jared you can check out his website at JaredEnderton.com

One easy payment of $14.95
What do I get with The Ultimate Bench Press Plan?
The Ultimate Bench Press Plan comes complete with everything WorkoutBOX has to offer - ensuring you get maximum results, fast.

You get access to all of these amazing features:
A step by step plan to transform your body

The Ultimate Bench Press Plan guides you through exactly what do do during each workout, including:
  • What exercises to do and in what order
  • How many sets and reps to do
  • How to correctly perform each exercise
  • How hard to push yourself
  • When and how long to rest
Access everything on the web or your mobile device!

Simply do everything listed and you’ll see results!
Program View
Program View
Program View
A personalized Muscle Building diet

A good workout program won’t work without proper nutrition. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

The Ultimate Bench Press Plan comes with access to our DietBOX™ Nutrition System, which creates a personalized diet for you, complete with:
  • What and how much to eat each day
  • The foods to eat for each meal
  • When each meal should be eaten
DietBOX™ helps improve your body each and every day by giving you the perfect nutrition plan for your goals.
Earn rewards for reaching goals

As you make more progress, we give you more free stuff.

Track your weight, body fat percentage, strength and consistency in real time, and get rewarded with cool stuff like tee shirts, nutritional supplements, and deals from your favorite brands.

Pretty cool, huh?
Everything you need to train like a pro

Got questions about your program? Your trainer is only a click away.

Log your progress, ask questions, and get real, 1-on-1 advice and instruction from the very trainer that created The Ultimate Bench Press Plan.

This isn’t just a cookie-cutter program. Your trainer’s top priority is getting you the results you want!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WorkoutBOX?

WorkoutBOX is a global platform that connects trainers with potential clients, The Ultimate Bench Press Plan has been hosted on here to take advantage of its state of the art fitness software and features, like is personalised nutrition tracking.

If I don't like the program can I get a refund?

If you find The Ultimate Bench Press Plan is not working for us simply let us know within 7 days and you'll get a full, 100% refund - no questions asked.

How do I access my workouts?

Once purchased, The Ultimate Bench Press Plan will instantly be available online at WorkoutBOX.

  • Access it online from any computer or smart phone
  • Print it out and take it to the gym
  • Never have to download or install anything

Is the workout personalised to me?

Yes, during each workout you will have instant communication with your Trainer on a daily basis, he will work with you to customize your exercise plan and change your diet based on your physical needs.

Does it include diet tips as well?

The Ultimate Bench Press Plan comes complete with access to our DietBOX Nutrition SystemTM. DietBOX is a brand new cutting-edge nutrition tracking software designed to work alongside The Ultimate Bench Press Plan to replicate the services of some the most advanced nutritionists out there. Simply plug in your information and BOOM! It give's you a personalized daily meal plan based on the latest Muscle Growth science

Week -
Week   of  includes  unique workouts, and a total of   different exercises, and comes complete with video and written tutorials and 1-on-1 trainer feedback and support!
One easy payment of $14.95 

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