Create your own online interactive fitness company for FREE
Designing your own interactive fitness site and building your business used to take years.
Now it takes minutes.
Build an online fitness empire.
Trying to compete with the biggest fitness services online is tough. You need millions of dollars, years of work, and a brilliant staff working round the clock.

You can try getting all of this for yourself...OR you can become a trainer here at WorkoutBOX and save yourself the trouble. Simply use our platform to create your training program, promote it with your own unique landing page, and start raking in money.

And did we mention you can get started for FREE?
Accelerate your success with our powerful software.
Save yourself months by using our pre-filmed video library and our beautifully-optimized training program software to present your workout plan to your clients.

With a few settings, our system also uses their details to create the perfect diet plan for them complete with multiple meal options and a personalized grocery list.
Software Dietbox Exercise

( Click on each screenshot to see sample diet and workout )

How much can you earn?
More than you might think.

Let’s say you charge $40 for a basic fitness plan, and you make 1 measly sale per day (which is really easy).

That means you earn over $10,000 PER YEAR!

You own the rights to all your content, and you keep 70% of all fees.

(Our standard fee is 30% in exchange for ongoing design and development, customer service, tech support, payment processing and much more)
"I couldn’t be happier..."
”After moving, I left a lot of clients behind. WorkoutBOX Trainers let me keep helping them - and getting paid by them. It has nearly every exercise pre-filmed, and it lets me input my own if I need to.

The software is incredibly convenient for the client. I couldn’t be happier - and all my former AND future clients feel the same way.”

Jared Enderton, MA, CSCS EndertonStrength.com
Take your company mobile.
You don’t have to invest thousands to have your own mobile app.

As a WorkoutBOX Trainer, your clients will have access to all of your training programs through the WorkoutBOX Mobile app - making sure they can take you with them wherever they go.

Pretty cool, huh?
Yeah, it’s that easy
Yeah, it’s that easy.
It doesn’t cost you a dime to get started. We only make money when you do, so you have absolutely ZERO risk.

We’ll walk you through our quick and easy process step by step.

What have you got to lose?
Get Started
"It would have taken me years...."
”Without the WorkoutBOX Trainers easy plug-and-play software it would have taken me years and about a hundred grand to create a site like this. Couldn’t think of a better way to get more fitness minds out there to spread this revolution.”

Stacy Chinander, MA, CSCS Pro Strength Coach
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Questions and Answers:
If I have questions, is there somebody can I talk to?
Yes! We offer 24/7 support for our customers so you can get the answers you need, when you need them.

How does it work?
Simply click Get Started, then we’ll take you through the process of creating your training program step by step. When it’s done, you’ll get your unique landing page, and you can start promoting your company and signing on clients!

How can I market my training program best?
Although your program will be publicly searchable on WorkoutBOX and we do get some pretty solid traffic and we rank better than almost every other fitness site on Google, you shouldn’t rely on that alone to drive your sales as our highest rated trainers with the largest customer base will be featured more prominently. Your best bet is to focus on driving your own sales early on by posting your landing page across your social networks, promoting yourself in your local area, linking to it on your your existing website (if you have one) and offering it to previous clients that couldnt afford your personal training services on a regular basis. In short, you get what you put into it!

Will I be able to interact with my clients?
Yes! Your clients will be encouraged to post regular updates in their Trainng Logs, and as their trainer, you will be the only one with access to these. This means you can check in on their progress, answer specific questions about your program as they come up, and you can also be sure that no other trainer is giving conflicting info.

Can’t I create my own site like WorkoutBOX myself?
Of course creating your own site from scratch is always an option, but it’s likely going to take a significant investment, a kickass web and mobile development staff, a customer service team, and a beefy marketing budget - and even then it may take you years. Wouldn’t you rather just skip to the part where you make money from your fitness expertise right away?

Do I have to do customer service?
We take care of all customer service and tech support as long as it’s not directly related to your training program. If it’s a fitness question, we refer users back to you.

Can people access my program on a mobile device?
Yes! All they have to do is download the WorkoutBOX app and log into their account as normal. Clients can only have one active training program on their account at a time, so yours is the one that will show up!

Can clients see both the Forums and Training Logs?
Yes. All of your users will have access to the Training Logs feature, which is between you and them, and also the WorkoutBOX Forums, which are public and are viewable across the entire membership base at WorkoutBOX. We do this to help your clients get quicker tech support and navigate various features more easily. If they post fitness questions here, all trainers will be able to weigh in.

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