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Muscle Building

Unfortunately for us guys, putting on some serious muscle isn’t quite as easy as it should be… Even after a few months of hard training at the gym, we may notice some improvement, but you won’t look like Arnie overnight.

Maybe you’ve already put the hours in and seen little progress, or you simply don’t know where to start - either way this muscle building guide provides a useful summary of all different things you need to know, to get the results you want.

The biggest problem most guys have is that they fail to understand the science behind muscle building and what the body needs to make it happen. Do a little homework and put it into practice with the right training, combined with proper rest and nutrition you results will significantly improve.

The Science Behind Muscle Building

When you lift weights, you cause small tears in your muscle fibres which starts a process called muscle-protein synthesis. This repairs and reinforces the fibres, making them resistant to future damage and although this happens at a microscopic level, the effect becomes visible over time in the form of bigger arms, broader shoulders, and a thicker chest.

Unfortunately not everyone can put on muscle at the same rate. Some people will follow a strict diet and not drink alcohol, while there gym buddies take a far more relaxed approach and still gain muscle easier than them. It may seem unfair, but we are what we are and we have to face the fact that some of us will take longer to build muscle than others. However, with the right attitude and training, we can all make serious progress, especially if your male and relatively young.


Muscle Toning Gym Machine Workout

Type : Muscle Building Workout

This muscle toning gym machine workout is aimed at the absolute beginner who wishes to gain some strength, endurance and increase muscle tone.

As a beginner it's important to train the bo more...

Level : Rookie Routines : 1 Length : 30 - 60 mins
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Muscle Building Conditioning Workout

Type : Muscle Building Workout

This workout is aimed at gym goers who wish to progress towards building muscular size and strength. Before attempting this workout, it’s important that you have completed the basic machine b more...

Level : Team Player Routines : 1 Length : 30 - 60 mins
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2 Day Split Muscle Building Workout

Type : Muscle Building Workout

The 2 Day Split Muscle Building Workout is a good introduction to the split routine. A split workout covers all the main muscle groups in the body, but split into separate routines throughout the w more...

Level : Team Player Routines : 2 Length : 60 mins +
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3 Day Split Muscle Building Workout

Type : Muscle Building Workout

The 3 day split muscle building workout is a great introduction to split training routines and is aimed at people who have completed the conditioning phases that prepare the body for building muscl more...

Level : Team Player Routines : 3 Length : 30 - 60 mins
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5 x 5 Strength Training Program

Type : Muscle Building Workout

The 5 X 5 strength training program uses heavy weight and body weight exercises to work each muscle of the body to build a strong, proportionate physique. It’s a popular and well respected w more...

Level : Tough Guy Routines : 2 Length : 30 - 60 mins
Date Added : 03 Jan 2009 » View Full Workout


Building muscle has as much to do with weight lifting, as is does with what and when you eat. And unfortunately if you don’t start taking your eating and diet seriously, all that hard work down the gym goes to waste. These key steps sum up what you need to know:

Step 1 – Eat every 2.5 –to 3 hours

Its very difficult to pack on quality muscle without body fat when you eat three large meals a day. Your body can only store so many calories per meal and the rest is converted to unwanted body fat.

  • Eat a decent size meal every 3 hours to ensure you give the body the nutrients it needs for muscle growth

Step 2 - Include Protein in each meal

Building muscle is not on your body’s “to-do” list, simple survival is. Not getting enough protein for your internal organs results in your body robbing it from your muscle tissue and your progress going backwards.

  • Protein is essential to increase your muscle mass alongside accelerating recovery

  • Aim to get your protein from lean meats, fish, eggs and dairy products

Step 3 - Eat enough calories

Muscles grow on calories. The main reason skinny guys don’t gain weight is down to lack of calories and nothing to-do with how hard they train.

  • If you are struggling to gain weight, then make a real effort to eat more protein and carbs each day.

Getting Recovery

Pro athlete’s workout 5-6 times per week, but they didn’t start that way. They added workouts as they got stronger & bigger. As a beginner you need more recovery and you’ll over train if you jump into their routines.

  • Rest - Muscle building only happens when you’re resting, not down the gym. Don’t feel you have to every day, 3 workouts per week is sufficient to start with.

  • Sleep - When you sleep growth hormone is released and this promotes muscle building. Ideally get at least 8 hours sleep a week, even nap every your workout if possible./p>

  • Drink Water - If you’re dehydrated you can’t build muscle. Sip water while you’re training and drink plenty throughout the rest of the day


Spending hours at the gym each week takes determination and will power, and most of us can probably say that at times it is always not fun. Therefore it’s important to make sure your working just as hard outside the gym as you are in it, by getting the right nutrients into your body so it can repair and build muscle.

Why do I need supplements?

The use of the right supplements on top of a healthy balanced diet ensures that your body has everything it needs to build muscle at the highest possible rate. After a hard workout, the two things in short supply are Protein and Creatine, and not getting enough of either of them means you’re not getting maximum returns on those painful sets you put your body through.

Protein Supplements

Optimum Gold 100% Whey Protein is the best protein supplement on the market.

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Protein is the building block of our whole body and its next to impossible to build muscle mass without it. For the best muscle gains it’s recommended that you eat at least 30g of protein every 3 hours while you’re awake.

With a Protein Supplement this is far easier than it sounds, add just water or milk and in minutes you have all the high quality protein you need.

  • Build Muscle Mass

  • Speeds up recovery times

  • Helps with fat and weight loss

  • Feel better during workouts

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Creatine Supplements

Cell Tech Hardcore is considered to be the best creatine available.

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Creatine is a substance found naturally in your body as it provides your muscles with energy. But unfortunately, its stores only last for a maximum of around 10 seconds which why you can’t train “all-out” for very long.

A Creatine Supplement can be used to top up your natural levels, allowing you to train longer and harder and lift much heavier weights. Creatine is widely considered to be the most effective and popular supplement on the market and often serious results can be seen in a matter of weeks.

  • Increases muscle size and strength

  • Extra energy for muscles

  • Increases endurance

  • Aids in fat loss

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Key Points
  • Workout every other day
  • Eat 5 – 6 meals a day
  • Eat enough calories
  • Eat lots of high quality protein
  • Use creatine for size and strength

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