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Killer Triceps Workout

Type: Arm Workout
This tricep workout is one of the best around and is ideal for beginners. If you want big arms fast, then it's the triceps you really want to focus on as it's a far bigger muscle than the bicep and will help to fill out the upper arms. This short but intense workout really isolates the triceps. Of course it's still necessary to work the biceps for good muscular balance. Many people disregard the triceps because they are not an obvious 'mirror muscle'. Don't fall into that trap.

Add this short routine to your normal full body or split workout just one day per week and you will start to see real results in no time. The triceps muscle is actually split into 3 heads. This routine is designed to hit all 3 heads of the triceps muscle enhancing strength, size and definition.
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Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
  • Practice moving the weights through a complete range of motion.
  • Concentrate on technique rather than weight.
  • Exhale as you lift the weight, and inhale as you lower it again.
  • Choose a weight that you can just manage he required number of reps.
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1 Tricep Extension, Dumbbell, Lying
3 sets 
15 reps 
Muscle Groups:
Description: The lying dumbbell tricep extension is an effective exercise for developing the tricep muscles, and is performed by gripping a pair of dumbbells with the hands, keeping the elbows stationary and extending the elbows to raise ...

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2 Tricep Pushdowns, Straight Bar
3 sets 
15 reps 
Muscle Groups:
Description: Tricep pushdowns isolate the tricep muscles and are usually done at the tail end of a workout to give the triceps a real pump. It's a very easy exercise to perform and is ideal for beginners to weight training.

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3 Push Ups, Tricep, Diamond
3 sets 
10 reps 
• This is a tough exercise to master • If you have difficulties start on your knees and progress to feet.
Muscle Groups:
Description: The diamond push up is also known as the tricep push up because the position of the hands, it focuses more on the triceps and shoulders, rather than the chest like the conventional push up. It's a challenging exercise as it ...

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 Intensity Levels

Level Intensity (Int) Goal Examples & Guide Lines
5 Low N/A Daily activities. Normal Breathing, Talking (>2 hrs)
6 Low Moderate N/A Brisk Walk, Slow Jog, Normal Breathing & Talking (1 - 2 hrs)
7 Moderate CV: Endurance Jogging - Fast breathing. Talk just okay (> 20 min)
8 High Moderate CV: Race pace Fast Jog - Heavy breathing, Talk broken (>10 min)
9 High CV: Sports Hard run - Breathing heavy. Talking hard. (1-3 min)
10 Maximum CV: Speed Sprint - V. hard breathing. Talk impossible. (5 -8 sec)

 Workout Saftey

All exercises should be completed with proper technique maintaining good posture throughout. Use technique and posture failure as an indicator as to how challenging you find the resistance or exercise position. Optimize the resistance and exercise type according to your own ability.

It is important to incorporate exercises that cover all major muscle groups into your main workout to ensure a balanced program. Focusing too much on one muscle group can cause muscular imbalances.

Taking these guidelines into consideration means that you will get far more from your workouts, advance quicker and help reduce the risk of exercise related injury.

Always seek professional advice from a qualified fitness instructor before attempting any exercise or workout.

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