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Leg Workouts

Looking for the best leg workouts to pump up your lower body? It’s a fact, most people at the gym neglect working out their legs, which is a big mistake as the thigh has the potential to be the most powerful muscles in the body.

An effective thigh, hamstring and glute workout actually increases testosterone levels, which helps the rest of your body grow. Increasing the amount of lean muscle mass also helps to burn body fat. Muscle is calorie hungry so working out your legs, increases muscle, helping you to lose weight by improving your metabolic rate.

WorkoutBOX contains only great leg workouts, that help you build big, strong legs in order to keep your body in proportion. It’s time to wave good bye to the Johnny Bravo chicken legs, and put on some serious muscle!

Leg Workouts

Beginner :

Beginner Leg Workout Routine

Leg Workout

This beginner leg workout routine is going to start you off on the road of developing some serious shape and tone to your legs. The exercises in this leg workout routine hit all the main leg muscle groups. more...

Level : 
Length : < 30 mins Routines : 1
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Advanced :

Big Legs Workout

Leg Workout

This big legs workout is going to get you started on building some serious mass in your legs. If you want to increase the size of your calves, glutes, quads and hamstrings then this is the best leg workout more...

Level : 
Length : 60 mins + Routines : 1
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