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Shoulder Workouts

Looking for the best shoulder workouts to give you firm broad shoulders? Strong defined shoulders are key to an in shape physic and therefore a good shoulder workout routine should always be part of your program.

It’s no secret that women find broad shoulders attractive on men, and our shoulder workouts will show you how to pack on some serious shoulder muscle.

WorkoutBOX contains only great shoulder workouts - that help you build big, wide shoulders in order to give you that classic “v-shape” look. Soon you’ll be too big for your gym vest and you’ll have to turn sideways to walk through doors!

Beginner :

Beginner Shoulder Routine

Shoulder Workout

This beginner’s shoulder workout routine is going to start you off by developing some serious shape and tone to your shoulders. The muscles worked are the front, middle and rear (Deltoids) shoulders more...

Level : 
Length : < 30 mins Routines : 1
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Advanced :

Killer Shoulders Workout

Shoulder Workout

This killer shoulder workout is going to build you a pair of boulder shoulders that you’ll be proud of. Building a great set of shoulders means targeting all the deltoid muscles with the right exercises more...

Level : 
Length : 30 - 60 mins Routines : 1
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